Get ready for a new approach

Get ready for a new approach

The pH meter is a device that monitors the pH level in your marine tank 24/7. Using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can check the pH level in your aquarium at any time.

If the pH parameter reaches a value outside the specified range, you will immediately receive a notification.

Accuracy, quality and modern technology make the pH meter an unrivaled device on the market.

User friendly, modern device management system

The device can be controlled easily and conveniently via a phone application, a browser on a laptop or our website.

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No need for a central computer

ios and Android

The device can be controlled from any place in the world via a phone application or our website.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Without unnecessary cables, the device connects with a home router using the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Smart Reef

The device is ready to be used in Smart Reef - our versatile system designed for comprehensive aquarium management. No expensive central computer is required!