Dosing pump family

Dosing pumps for special tasks

Dosing pump family

Dosing pumps for special tasks

Dosing pump family

To meet the needs of marine aquariums keepers, we have created a series of high-quality dosing pumps. Dosing pump, Dosing pump Pro, Dosing pump Large, Dosing pump X3, Dosing pump X4. Choose a pump that will support a specific element of your aquarium operation!

Smart pumps for special tasks.
Discover modern technologies for a hobby that requires the best solutions!

Our product range includes pumps for small, medium and large amounts of water. All of our pumps will help you to automate the key tasks related to your marine tank, e.g. automatic dosing of macrominerals, microminerals, amino acids and bacteria feed, refilling RO water or automatic water changing. Choose a pump that meets your needs!

It does not matter how much liquid you want to dose!
Create your own dosing setup as you like!

Create your own sets of Dosing pumps consisting of any number of the devices. For larger doses we recommend the Dosing pump Large, for smaller doses, chose our Dosing pump Pro.

You can control a single pump or a group of pumps

Dosing history

At any time, the dosing history function allows you to check the amounts dosed within a defined period of time. You can also easily follow the dosing changes in the chart.

Extra doses adjusted to gradual parameter changes

As our products are developed by marine aquarium enthusiasts, we know the nuances related to aquarium keeping - this cannot always be said about the manufacturers of other brands. In this case we offer the possibility to increase any parameter extremely safely. From now on you don’t have to remember about it anymore! Just program an additional dose of a liquid, which will increase the selected parameter within a safe time frame specified by you.

Convenient and precise dosing management

Our pumps have been developed to perform in accordance with the aquarist’s needs and offer intuitive management. Moreover, their interesting and minimalist design makes them an attractive product for this market.

No need for a central computer

ios and Android

The device can be controlled from any place in the world via a phone application or our website.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Without unnecessary cables, the device connects with a home router using the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Smart Reef

The device is ready to be used in Smart Reef - our versatile system designed for comprehensive aquarium management. No expensive central computer is required!