The history of Reef Factory dates back to 2017 when Marek Protasewicz and Jarosław Wojczakowski - two hobbyists and enthusiasts with extensive professional experience in the fields of aquaristics and IT- decided to combine their skillsets to create smart and technologically advanced aquarium devices.

The founders of Reef Factory along with their extensive team of dedicated professionals - united by a common goal to develop an innovative ecosystem of marine aquarium devices, which will be able to streamline the maintenance process and provide aquarists with measurable benefits - came together to provide a much needed solution!

The Reef Factory team, consisting of marine biology and technology specialists, identified that there was a gap in the market for products that are not just reliable, but also easy to set up, while also delivering on specific functions and allowing the user to be able to manage them remotely. It wasn’t long before this dynamic team bridged the gap with a plethora of products based on advanced IT technology, including smart controllers that can analyse aquarium parameters and automatically adjust the water properties & much more.

These smart devices and the Smart Reef application that came to be, provided an answer to the numerous problems encountered by many marine aquarists and after over 3 years of hard work on product development, the Reef Factory team are safely able to declare, hand on heart, that they have managed to achieve their goal and are now working on making their products available in as many countries around the world.

As such, US Aquarium Distributors, an established wholesale distributor of a wide variety of aquarium products, are now proud to be the sole distributor of Reef Factory products across USA. The partnership between Reef Factory and US Aquarium Distributors represents a significant step for both companies, as it aims to increase the availability of this revolutionary line of products in this region too.