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Smart Reef System

Smart aquarium devices
traditional functions, innovative technology

Choose only the device you need
or build up the entire Smart Reef system

No central computer needed
to manage the devices

Aquarium under control
with the Smart Reef system

3 main benefits of the Smart Reef system

Less work

Remote control of devices via phone, constant access to current parameters, alerts or the aquarium maintenance log will allow you to reduce the number of errors you make.

Optimal conditions in the aquarium

Ongoing monitoring of the aquarium status and constant access to the historical data of each parameter will allow you to create perfect, stable conditions for your animals to develop. Get ready for some unusual growths and coloring among your corals!

Animal safety

Alerts informing about sudden changes in monitored parameters in the aquarium, the ability to control devices remotely and no need for a central computer, which may break down, to ensure the maximum safety of your animals.

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